ver liberal, but which, ●with all cou

e palisade thirty-five feet hig●h. Here he found Le Caron. The Indians, eage●r t

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our when he saw Ch●amplain approach his hermitage; and t●he two men embraced like brothers long sun●dered. The twelfth of August ●was a day evermore marked with whi●te in the friar's calendar. Arra■yed in priestly vestments, he stood● before his simple altar; behind him his lit●tle band of Christians,—the twelve Fre■nchmen who had attended him,● and the two who had follow

ed Champla■in. Here stood their devout and valiant chief, a●nd, at his side, that pioneer of■ pioneers, Etienne Brule the interpre●ter. The Host was raised aloft●; the worshippers kneeled. Then the■ir rough v

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oices joined in the hymn o■f praise, Te Deum laudamus; and then a● volley of their guns proclaimed the triumph o■f the faith to the okies, the ■manitous, and all the brood of ano●malous dev

ils who had reigne●d with undisputed sway in these wi■ld realms of darkness. The brave ●friar, a true soldier of the Ch■urch, had led her forlorn hope into the fastness●es of hell; and now,

with contented■ heart, he might depart in peace, for he had sa■id the first mass in the country■ of the Hurons. CHAPTER XIV.● 1615, 1616. THE GREAT WAR PARTY.● The lot of the favor

ed guest of an ■Indian camp or village is idleness without r■epose, for he is never left alone, with ■the repletion of incessant and in■evitable feasts. Tired of this ina■ne routine, Champl

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